Snorkel trips

IMG_6558We will take you to the beautiful bays of the Islands of Pašman channel  where all the categories, according to fitness and skill levels, will enjoy in a view of colorful and living underwater world.

Snorkeling is an easy and fun swimming activity, requires no special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe throug the snorkel. Hoewer, for safety reasons, instruction and orientation from an experience snorkeler is recomended.

Instruction generaly covers equipment usage, basic safety, what to look for, what to look out for and conservation instructions.

As with scuba-diving it is always recomended that one doesn’t snorkel alone, but rather with a guide or a tour group.

Furthermore, snorkeling serves as a good gateway activity for Scuba Diving.

PRICE PER PERSON: 180 kn (25€)


TRIP LENGHT: 2 hours

Age limit: 6

Price includes: equipement, introduction, guide and transfer to a minimum 2 snorkeling bays

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