Hiking tours

IMG_5299There are more than 300 km of trails in Velebit. When choosing a hiking route, especially multi day tours,  you must consider a few facts that must be satisfied. 

* available wellsprings on the way or in the area

* shelters or good camping places on the way

*  weather forecast

All of that, and more,  is for us to  care,

Although, we prefer a custom made hiking tours, we can give you our recommended routes according to your hiking experience and physical condition:

Our most popular ones are:

1. Nice and easy

easy two-day hike

This hiking route in National Park “Paklenica” is suitable for all hiking categories. The route is nice, mainly shadowed (except the rising part to the Manita peć cave entrance, around 45min), it follows the stream and there are few springs so drinking water is offered by nature. In the mountain house “Paklenica” you will be accommodated in a rooms, depending of the group number it shall be either 8 bed or 20 bed room. Price also includes dinner and breakfast in the mountain house. Beverages and food are also offerd in the mountain house so you can buy extra on your own.

There are few interesting Velebit heritages in the area of mountain house. Main is the abounded shepherd house  build in XVII century under the huge rock.

Day 1.

National Park entrance – Manita peć cave – Mountain house – circular visits of the atractions around mountain house

Duration: 6 hours of walking (with few stops)

Day 2.

Muntain house – Mala močila –  Jurline – Paklenica canyon

Duration: 5 hours of walking (with few stops)

Price: 600 kn (80€) per person

Price includes: guide, entrance ticket to National Park “Paklenica”, entrance ticket for “Manita peć” Cave, accommodation in mountain house “Paklenica”, dinner on day one, breakfast on day two.

Important: All clients must have; sleeping bag (multi day hikes) , hiking shoes, backpack (min.30 l), warm clothes, headlamp, food for the way

2. Vaganski vrh (1757m)

Moderate two-day hike.

This is a beautiful and not so demanding hiking route. Still minimal physical capacity and some hiking experience is needed. We will sleep in hiking shelter Struge.


day 1.

Entrance of National Park – Mountain hut  – Mountain shelter “Struge”

HIKING SHELTER STRUGE (1400 m) is in the central part of Struge. This is a wooden bungalow arranged for hikers’ needs by members of HPD Paklenica from Zadar. Water can be taken from well Marasovac. In case of overbooked shelter we shall sleep in tents.

Duration: 6 hours of walking.

day 2.

Mountain shelter “Struge” – Vaganski vrh peak – Mountain shelter “Struge” – Malo rujno – Starigrad.

From hiking shelter Struge we continue strictly along the pathway 10′ to the well Marasovac and from there to the right onto Vaganski vrh (peak).

VAGANSKI VRH (1757 m) is the highest peak of Velebit. Its vertex is in fact wide flat ridge, covered by thick grass so it does not give the impression of the highest peak. The view is oriented towards Lika.

We hike back to Struge. Few hours of relaxation and we go back to Starigrad over the Veliko rujno where the cars are waiting.

Duration: 6 hoursof walking

Peaks of route: Buljma (1400m); Vaganski vrh (1757m); Stražbenica (1130m)


Price: 1000 kn (130€) per person

Price includes: guide, entrance ticket to National Park “Paklenica”, lunch on day one in mountain house “Paklenica”, dinner on day one, breakfast and lunch on day two, transfer from V. Rujno to Starigrad.

Important: All clients must have; sleeping bag  , hiking shoes, backpack (min.40 l),                        extra clothes, headlamp, food for the way, bottle for water, energy bars.