About us

CMYKOur story begins in 2010. when few of enthusiastic, nature and adventure lovers, decided to found a company where all of our passion for outdoor activities could be visualized and shared. As divers we started with diving center in Starigrad-Paklenica. Why Starigad -Paklenica? Because the locality, except stunning nature beauties, offers a myriad opportunities for a adventure tours and activities. Under the magnificent Velebit mountain, at the entrance of National Park “Paklenica”, on the coast of specific and beautiful Velebit sea bay and close to lot of Croatian nature and culture heritage, the destination is perfect!

So, after 5 years establishment in the area as a diving center, the time has come to achieve planed goals and to offer another “wet free” activities. We reinforced our team with mountain guides, speleologists, members of mountain rescue services and a paramedics, connected with like-minded adventure companies and are ready to lead you higher, further and deeper.

Our core purpose is to enrich peoples lives by creating unique, interactive travel experiences. We provide fun, affordable and sustainable travel adventures that are beneficial to local communities.

Our goal is to provide exciting and affordable tours We have in-depth knowledge of our destinations, respect for the local cultures and environments and for that we aim to minimise the environmental impact of all our activities.

We want to develop a style of travel where as travelers we became a part of country – and not just tourists looking in.

Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals specialise in hiking, rock climbing, diving, sailing activities in summer, skiing in winter are your trusted partner for many more outdoor adventures.