Adventure park Vaganac

Perched at an altitude of 800 m on the sea side of Nature park Velebit and on the edge of National Park Paklenica there is our rocky playground!

Few things compare to the sensation of adrenalin you feel as you first step off the edge of a cliff. You have spent your whole life being told to keep away from the edge but now it’s time to go over!

Get outdoors, challenge yourself, and experience the exhilaration of rock climbing, abseiling and balancing your way through ! Test your motor skills and hold your balance, defy your fear of heights and let your body fill with adrenaline and in all that enjoy a perfect views of a beautiful Nature Park VELEBIT.  A visit to a Croatian  adrenaline park „Mali Vaganac“ will boost your self-confidence and bring new connections between the members of your team or family .

The views are breathtaking, the thrills are endless and the well-trained staff ensure that the experience is safe, efficient and highly addictive.

Sky bridges, rock climbing, via ferrata, abseil routes offer a variety of challenges that are fun for everyone.

The panoramic vistas are picture perfect.